Pure Grenada’s 3rd Annual Pure Dive Fest – 2019 Schedule

By Polly

28th September 2019 – 8.30am at Radisson Grenada Beach Resort: Beginners Diving Day FREE TO GRENADIANS!

29th September 2019 – 6.30 pm at Off D Hook Bar, Paradise Beach, Carriacou – Launch Party

30th September 2019 – Isle of Reefs Diving Day

1st October 2019 – Environmental Diving Day

2nd October 2019 – Fun / Underwater Photography Diving

3rd October 2019 – Wreck Diving Day

4th October 2019 – Invasive Lionfish Awareness Diving Day

4th October 2019 – 6pm at Coconut Beach Restaurant, Grand Anse Beach, Grenada – Closing Ceremony & Awards. A lionfish dinner will be served with Solid the Band performing live.